Menik Ganga

Menik Ganga Menik Ganga Menik Ganga

Menik Ganga is a popular stream of water which flows through the country starting from a sprout of water in a peak in the Uva province. In English Menik Ganga gives the meaning the River of Gems. It is called so because underneath the rich soil of the river Menik lays precious stones of all kinds which prosper Sri Lanka. This river has much significance since it flows through the holy city Kataragama. Devotees visiting Kataragama, the city of god Kataragama has made it a tradition to clean themselves from the river and then walk forth to the holy place. Menik Ganga is one of the main rivers that flows through the country and helps people in many other ways. Agricultural purposes are fulfilled through this amazing river. There is a period during the year where the sun is so high and the river dries up. However the river does such a great service and adds a lot of natural beauty to the cities it flows through. The river also flows through the Yala National Park which is a renowned attraction in Sri Lanka.

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